How to add other languages??

  • #1, by patrikspacekFriday, 06. January 2017, 03:04 7 years ago

    I couldnt find any help or step by step tutorial how to add other languages to the game.

    I have exported .po file and translated with PoEdit to the Spanish (image below)

    I have imported it back, but its still in English. How can I active Spanish text, I added script line:  game.SpeechLanguage = Languages["Spanish"] and it still doesnt work or there is no text at all now. ??

    It's confusing...


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  • #2, by sebastianFriday, 06. January 2017, 07:33 7 years ago

    go to your game settings (cog icon) and select the languages tab on fhe top. Add your spanish language definition on the left site. Now for every text which is writable in Visionaire you can switch to another language next to the text field. Also in the export/import function you should be able to select the second language now. 

    kind regards 

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  • #3, by ke4Friday, 06. January 2017, 12:43 7 years ago
    Also i was having issues with importing .po files back. You might have to use .csv file instead.

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  • #4, by EHPDJFrANKySaturday, 07. January 2017, 12:20 7 years ago
    Ey patrikspacek;

    I'm glad you post here the problem for the wonderful team from this community can help you.

    I hope my Spanish Translation can help you for bring the game the attention of all the Spanish Community all over the world. I worked hard on it. wink

    Thanks so much for the other people who has helped to include it in the game.

    Take Care and C U Soon !!!


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  • #5, by patrikspacekSaturday, 07. January 2017, 17:30 7 years ago
    Well, my .po file had issue:

    I had to modify it manually, my structure looked like this:

    #: id:418 context:Spear
    msgid "Arrowhead (id: 418)"
    msgstr "Punta de flecha"

    BUT Glen's exported file looked like this:

    #: id:418
    # context:Spear
    msgid "Arrowhead (id: 418)"
    msgstr "Punta de flecha"

    so, I had to move context line under and add # in front of it. Now it works, but the sounds are not linked to it. So, I exported csv file with all text and speech lines, keeping both languages in there.
    I added speech lines from English tab to Spanish tab, but it doesnt play during a game...I have to figure why.


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