How do I fade-in / fade-out frames inside an animation sequence?

  • #1, by nerdThursday, 07. February 2019, 20:20 5 years ago
    How do I fade-in / fade-out frames of an animation sequence?
    The first frame fade out while the second fade in, and so on for the rest of the sequence. Is there a way to do that inside the engine?

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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 07. February 2019, 22:08 5 years ago
    not to my knowledge. animations just play forwards or backwards. you can also freeze/force frame ranges.

    you can control the opacity/visibility of the object that the animation is linked to, but it only works if the animation is assigned as the default animation in the properties tab of the scene object. if you were to manually play an animation with the play animation action part, then it wouldn't technically be linked to the scene object, thus you can't adjust the opacity of it.

    P.S: you could always create additional animations frames that have different opacity values, though it wouldn't be the best thing in terms of game optimization.


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  • #3, by stothewThursday, 07. February 2019, 23:19 5 years ago
    mhh.. i would try it as AFRLme mentored.

    set the aninimation linked to an Object.
    set a condition to NOT display the Object.

    when need it
    change condition to display the Object

    freeze to the first frame with lua

    loop through the visabillity of the object

    freeze and loop the other way around at the end...
    and change the condition again to not display the Object.

    It feels not that well, but should work.

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  • #4, by nerdSunday, 10. February 2019, 14:54 5 years ago
    thank you I m gonna check the links

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