Hotspots on scrolling layers

  • #1, by markus-creativeWednesday, 29. March 2017, 17:45 7 years ago
    Hello everybody,

    I have a small issue and maybe somebody can help me.

    Imagine you have a scene with a background image and several scrollable layers in front to have a nice parallax-scrolling effect and you would like to have a hotspot on one of these scrolling layers. How would you create the object area, so that it fits to the object on the layer?

    The object area you set is always related to the background of the scene, but the scrollable layer is bigger, meaning its horizontal dimension is bigger. So the layer with the hotspot on it moves horizontally but the coordinates for the object area are related to the background image, which doesn't move. So when you play the game and the scene scrolls, the hotspot has an offset.

    I'm using version 4.2.5

    Thanks and bye,

    edit: ok, I think,  I figured it out. You have to set the scrolling speed for each single object you define on the gfx-layer.


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