Hold and Drop command (for Android and IOS)

  • #1, by jannikTuesday, 19. March, 10:31 A month ago
    Hey everyone,

    i saw this post and wonderd how he created a "Hold and Drop" command.

    I cant manage to get a "hold left mouse" command in my inventory item.

    I appreciate for any suggestions


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  • #2, by darren-beckettTuesday, 19. March, 18:02 A month ago
    Hi Jannik,

    See the download link for a scene from my game.

    You can play the game and interract with the coke machine using Left-Click/Tap, Double-Click/Tap and Long Press.
    You should be able to get yourself a coke, add it to your inventory and then drag from your inventory and offer it to others (or throw it in the bin).

    You can then explore how i've implemented it.

    Great Poster

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  • #3, by jannikWednesday, 20. March, 15:45 A month ago
    Hey darren-beckett,

    thats so cool, thanks a lot!!


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