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  • #1, by vozerThursday, 13. February 2014, 16:00 11 years ago

    Sure you know this. In games, if you press the space bar all the items in the scenes are highlighted with a loop symbol.

    I wonder how to do it? From first thinking it would be a script.

    And to go even further, all objects in the scene with the look-action attached should automatically add the symbol, so you dont have to do it over and over again.

    I´m not really looking for someone to write me the script, but more give me maybe a route on how to do it, since i want to learn lua.

    thx in advance


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 13. February 2014, 16:20 11 years ago
    Visionaire Studio actually already has an hotspot feature built in; it's called a snoop animation, in vs for some reason. wink

    You create some buttons/objects containing animations & then you can assign them to scene objects etc via the effects tab for said object by linking an animation to "snoop" animation & setting the animation position below.

    To make the animations display on space bar you need to create 2 key inputs/actions:
    1. space: scenes > fade snoop animations in (time[ms])
    2. space (released): scenes > fade snoop animations out (time[ms])

    I'm not really sure how you would add hotspots to characters... static characters would be simple enough but moving characters would require using a loop to stick the animation to a characters position.

    You don't really have to use the built in system... you could technically create your own by creating an image at the size of each scene & fade in/out as required or you could create scene objects containing animations, manually place them where needed & fade in/out/display as needed etc.


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