High background scrolling problem

  • #1, by jonas-common-colorsSaturday, 06. July 2019, 23:30 5 years ago
    Hi there guys! I've got a problem and I really hope you can help me out.
    I've created a background which is higher than the game's resolution. As soon as my main character enters the room, the camera starts at the highest point of the background and slowly scrolls down to where my character is standing.
    How can I achieve that the camera DIRECTLY starts at the bottom of the background where my character is, without any scrolling down?

    Thank you in advance for your ideas!


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  • #2, by blanoSunday, 07. July 2019, 18:57 5 years ago
    Hi! i suggest you to read this thread! in here all you want (i used to have all your doubts about it)



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