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  • #1, by PengsSaturday, 30. November 2013, 15:40 11 years ago
    hi .. my name Pengs .. I want to ask how to get started making games here?? .. please its support


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  • #2, by lefooshSaturday, 30. November 2013, 16:01 11 years ago
    Hey Pengs,

    There are some great tutorials here:

    Otherwise I'll be running a session of tutorials on my kickstarter this week here:

    Hope this helps?



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  • #3, by vkouroubThursday, 16. January 2014, 12:44 11 years ago
    Hi Kris!
    Good luck with your game. We're very excited and awaiting your adventure to be relesead!
    Where can one find your session of tutorials with Visionaire?
    I'm very interested in watching them. I've just started playing with Visionaire and have some good ideas for a p&C adventure but i need i good starting boost.
    Also can you share some info like which software do you use for 2d background art and which for character creation and animation?

    With respect,


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  • #4, by NigecThursday, 16. January 2014, 13:53 11 years ago
    The Glenfx is a great starting point (its how I started)

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  • #5, by vkouroubThursday, 16. January 2014, 17:21 11 years ago
    Ok. Already started with glenfx's tutorials. Very well writen and very understandable.


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