HELP Creating a menu.

  • #1, by nebirviMonday, 26. February 2018, 10:52 6 years ago
    Hi! I just tried this tutorial and I can't understand what went wrong... I can save and load no problem, but that higlight section doesn't work. What is it for? I went it through again, and I can't see what I've missed...


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  • #2, by shicoMonday, 26. February 2018, 11:13 6 years ago
    What doesn't work exactly? the slot doesn't get highlighted when selected?


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  • #3, by afrlmeMonday, 26. February 2018, 11:25 6 years ago
    The highlighting is done by images/animations. The general idea is that when you click/mouse over a save slot you should toggle a condition to display the highlight image/animation or to hide it. The GlenFX tutorial is from VS 3.x & some of it is outdated, so not everything said/shown in the tutorials is guaranteed to work.

    If possible in the future, it would be nice if you could make the screenshots a larger resolution please as it's really hard to make anything out even when I open up the full-size image, cheers.


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  • #4, by stothewMonday, 26. February 2018, 13:18 6 years ago
    on this blurred screens it´s really hard to guess whats wrong.
    I would try to debug the menu. for example be sure the right action is called when you press a save slot. Add someting to the action you are sure it works for example display a natation text or change a condition to see if the action is called right on click.

    also you can press "tab" while the game is running and see if all your triggers are as you expect them. if yes then maybe look at the Objekt order.. is your active image behind the backgound? or coverd by something else?

    sorry for not helping directly, but i hope it helps.

    btw: i´m on VIS5 and this tutorial was working for me.

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