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  • #1, by nebirviThursday, 15. February 2018, 21:32 6 years ago
    So I would like my character to walk over to a box in the room. Pick it up and carry it in an animation to a table... How would you guys go ahead with it? Becauce it leaves me kind of overwhelmed roll
    Note: The box is an object in the room and is not part of the background. The character doing this is the player.

    Is there any nice tutorials out there? I've found a few on youtube and this forum, but overall the software seems to be quite the underdog? I can't see why, it is very nice to work in.


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  • #2, by esmeraldaThursday, 15. February 2018, 22:06 6 years ago
    I would connect the box to a condition. If you want to pick up the box, change the condition, so it disappears. 
    Then I would create a second box on the table which is also connected to a condition, but this condition is switched in such a way that the box is not visible.

    Create a second outfit of your character in which he/she carries the box.
    When he/she picks up the box, you change the outfit. When you arrive at the table, change the condition of the box on the table and change the outfit back to normal.
    (Or you could call an animation in which your character carries the box and walks to the table. But using the walk animation to cross the room will be much less work.)

    And yes, there are not many tutorials out there. But the videos here in the wiki-page are pretty good.
    I don't know if you have seen the (text)tutorial of glenfx. It is for an older version of the engine, but most of the principles are still valid. It helped me a lot.

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  • #3, by afrlmeThursday, 15. February 2018, 22:07 6 years ago
    Simply due to time & most people using the engine are too busy working on their own games & Simon is too busy coding the engine & doing other things to work on tutorial videos. Sebastian has been doing a good job making a bunch of tutorials for 5.x but unfortunately he decided to do them in German.

    As for what you are wanting to do, it would probably be easier to create walking animations for your character where they are already holding the box. You can create different outfits for your character (different clothing is optional) which allow to switch between different states of a character. An outfit could be your protagonist wearing different clothes, or it could be one where the character is running instead of walking or it could be one where the character is portrayed in a different mood (angry, sad, etc).

    To show/hide scene objects, you could create a condition in the conditions tab to the right of the scene preview area & then assign the condition to the properties tab of the scene object. Depending on whether the condition is true or false the scene object will be visible/active or hidden/inactive.

    *edit: I see esmeralda had the same idea. wink


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  • #4, by nebirviFriday, 16. February 2018, 16:08 6 years ago
    @esmeralda @AFRLme  Great! both of you! Thanks a bunch! I'll try it as soon as I'm done with my current to do list grin ( as you see I keep on posting all the walls I walk into *shakes head* but hey, I'm learning! grin


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