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  • #1, by nebirviMonday, 28. May 2018, 12:25 6 years ago
    So I have managed the conditions before while building the inventory, everything went well there! Items dissapearing and showing up correctly in the inventory. Now though I thought I could solve another problem about the same way but it seems futile...
    Here is my problem: (Hope you can see the picture as well...)
    When my character enters this room I want an animation to play at the door object on the other end when she comes to a specific point in the room. ( I have put this animation of the door inside the doors "Animation" folder and I tried it out by making it play when I clicked the door. The character then walks up to the desired point and the animation plays through. All well...)
    BUT! When the animation is done the door is once again empty (as the original graphic for the object) and that is not what I want. I want the new graphic of the door to show the last frame from the animation instead. The one of the shadow.) That's problem 1.
    ( I tried to solve this the same way as showing and hiding items when picked up. But in this case having two objects at the same place: one with shadow, one without and just put true and false at them when needed. This didn't work however and I can't understand why...)
    Then as I said I tested it out by clicking the door. I really want it to occur when the character stands at a specific point. So there is question 2.
    And last: When the above is working I would like a series of animations to appear when you click the door. The first two where the main character says they are closed and then another where this man breaks through the door and quickly closes it behind him. Do I need scripting here?
    ( At first I was planning on doing this as an animation but I got the advice that it is much simpler to do as in game animations triggered by each other. Problem is I can't find out how... But I have all the parts of the animations ready to run, I just need to now how to puzzle it together.)
    Long post I know, ask me if anything is unclear! and all help appreciated!
    // N


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