Has anyone managed to get pixel scaling to work?

  • #1, by DilatedMonday, 11. July 2016, 05:45 8 years ago
    I thought I'd ask here just before I delve into hours trying to figuring out why it doesn't work heh. Basically when I make a pixel scene, say, 640x360 it doesn't scale to the whole screen and appears as its true resolution with all black around it.

    Appreciate any help <3

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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 11. July 2016, 08:24 8 years ago
    So you are playing already in fullscreen mode, right?
    What is your game resolution you have set in the game settings ?
    Do you load a resolution from a config file?

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  • #3, by afrlmeMonday, 11. July 2016, 13:07 8 years ago
    I think the scaling only applies to scale surface (screen itself) as opposed to the default game resolution. I believe your art still need to be done at the size of the default game resolution otherwise it will just display at the size you created it at but maybe slightly scaled up or down depending on the size of the screen & the screens resolution you are viewing the game on. I assume you are using a 1080p screen for development & your game default resolution is 1920x1080, thus it will appear exactly the same size for you, with black borders & all.


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  • #4, by DilatedTuesday, 12. July 2016, 12:21 8 years ago
    Ok, I see what the problem was. Basically the game doesn't have the default widescreen aspect ratio for low res games. So if I use the games explorer I can change it manually to whatever I want. That seemed to have worked. Initially I tried the lower res ones and it didn't work at all, and of course the 1920x1080 has the black borders. Thanks for the suggestions guys <3

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