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  • #1, by marco-s--27540Wednesday, 16. December 2020, 13:19 A month ago
    Hi all!
    After successfully adding steam achievements for our game, we've been trying to get GOG Galaxy achievements to work without much luck.

    We roughly followed the steam achievements method and added Galaxy.dll and Galaxy64.dll to the game folder (also tried combinations of only one of the two files and just the Galaxy64.dll renamed to Galaxy.dll like required for the steam dlls)

    We then run:
    initGameClient(clientID, clientSecret) 
    with the correct string values for our game.

    Unfortunately, when running the game from the GOG client and executing this:
    if getProperty("galaxy_initialized") then
      print("GOG HAS BEEN FOUND!")
      print("NO GOG")

    it returns NO GOG in the messages.log no matter what combination of dll placement and renaming we try.

    The Galaxy client is running and the game is already accepted and listed for release in GOG Galaxy.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what we're doing wrong?
    Or is maybe the documentation out of date and GOG Galaxy no longer supported?



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  • #2, by SimonSWednesday, 16. December 2020, 14:16 A month ago
    They reworked the galaxy api, I haven't merged it into the build version yet. That will be part of the next update in the next days.

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  • #3, by marco-s--27540Wednesday, 16. December 2020, 17:43 A month ago
    thanks a lot Simon, not just for the fix but also the quick reply.
    We'll keep an eye out for the update smile


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