Gamepad support + characters interactions

  • #1, by Simon_ASAMonday, 07. December 2015, 18:09 9 years ago
    Hi guys,

    if I understood well, it is possible (or it will be soon possible) to use a gamepad and/or a keyboard to move the characters. This is great and it's an update that I am waiting for my future projects.

    However, what about characters interactions in that case? What I mean: with the mouse, we have several possibilities like "cursor enters object area", that are very useful (and more than useful: essential!). But if we play with a keyboard, the cursor cannot enter the object area, so do you have in mind to create a "character enters object area", or something like that? For example, how can you make a character talk to another?
    I don't see how we could play with a keyboard/gamepad if we don't have the possibility to start/end actions when the character enters/quits an area.

    Or did I miss something? smile

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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 07. December 2015, 18:53 9 years ago
    use action areas and/or lua to detmine if the char is next to an interactable object. When pressing Enter or a Gamepas key for "talk" just check if the char entered the region or is in a specific radius(lua).

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  • #3, by afrlmeMonday, 07. December 2015, 19:11 9 years ago
    You would have to use action areas / radius to update conditions & values, which you could then use to determine which commands to execute on the object you should have saved to memory on entering its radius / action area.

    Having said that it's still possible to control the mouse cursor via either axis stick or the mouse, so you could still send the character to a destination just like you would normally with the mouse only.

    Simon also implemented a new function for creating instances of events. So you could fire off the left mouse click, right mouse click, double click, a gamepad based event or whatever you want via the mouse, keyboard or gamepad. All in all you have a lot more flexibility available to control the character & game with.


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  • #4, by Simon_ASAMonday, 07. December 2015, 21:39 9 years ago
    Ok thanks, sounds good then. I'll have a closer look someday with some tests.

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