FYE VIII: My Music Treasure

  • #1, by FantozziTuesday, 10. February 2015, 16:48 10 years ago
    I wanted to release this earlier, when I celebrated my fifties birthday. Included in this pack are many short music tracks I made over the years. Not all were made for games originally. Filmjingles, compositions for radio plays, soundscapes and even some unfinished projects, commercial and noncommercial, are included.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Even if I give this pack away for free I remain the copyright holder. You can use this music in whole or in parts in your own projects (for example games, movies etc.) and you can modify it to your needs. But please don't distribute or share or upload (f. e. to public filehosters) the music itself or claim it your own work.



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