Fullscreen an Bildschirme anpassen

  • #1, by Ole95Wednesday, 12. March 2014, 21:48 10 years ago
    Hallo Miteinander,

    ich bin mir nicht sicher wie man den Fullscreen-Modus an jeden beliebigen Bildschirm anpasst. Zum Beispiel an 1080p oder kleiner, so das es immer ganz in den Bildschirm passt und kein Rand zustande kommt.

    Wie stelle ich dies im Editor ein?
    Ich danke euch schon mal im voraus!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 12. March 2014, 22:33 10 years ago
    The engine automatically scales the game up or down to fit the players desktop resolution; providing that "resolution = auto" or "resolution = desktop" is included in the config.ini file of your exported game. To compensate various screen widths/height black bars may be added across top/bottom of screen or vertically up the left & right side of the screen. I think this is what you were asking about?


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  • #3, by GreenLightDevelopmentSunday, 23. March 2014, 22:51 10 years ago
    Is there a way, to use this "scalling"-feature in the Free-Version of Visionaire? Or this only works, with the final compiled game?

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  • #4, by AlexSunday, 23. March 2014, 23:43 10 years ago
    yes, you can also use a config.ini file with the free version.

    In case you run your game from the editor activate fullscreen and widescreen support options in the player options tab.

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  • #5, by GreenLightDevelopmentMonday, 24. March 2014, 00:00 10 years ago
    Thanks for that nifty hint, Alex :-)

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