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  • #1, by hrtstudiosMonday, 19. June 2017, 23:13 7 years ago
    Hey guys,
    Every now and then I release some free music for use in games here.
    You can use it for commercial purposes, just add me in the credits and let me know about it. I'm working on some chiptune stuff right now and I'll add that pretty soon.
    PS The files are high quality WAVs (big size), but if you need just MP3 or OGG let me know through the contact form on my site and I'll send them to you.


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  • #2, by sebastianMonday, 19. June 2017, 23:20 7 years ago
    Love the Tribal stuff. Especially because im searching for some stuff like this since forever.
    Its very hard to find good music for p&c adventures though because they rely on more subtle and atmospheric music...Even though the first tribal song is more drummy as needed for such games i could really see this kind of music in a p&c adventure

    Hope to hear some more soon =)

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