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  • #1, by LupaShivaMonday, 22. April 2019, 16:02 5 years ago
    Hello everyone

    Ive been using visionaire long time ago, and wanted to create something different, but not sure if it can be done. Wanted to create a text adventure in the style of "Fighting Fantasy" classics, but something different.

    1-Each week i would create a 1 screen text with several options to choose (i know it can be done in Visionaire).

    2-The option the reader choose would be sent in an Email to me (Not sure if it can be done)

    3-The reader wouldnt be able to vote again in that poll, so it can only vote 1 time per week, even removing the game and installing again. (I think it can be done, in a Savegame style, but not sure).

    4-I would gather all the votes of the week, and create the next screen based on the total number of votes from the previous week. (It can be done if i managed to get the email).

    Not sure if im explaining myself well and sorry for my english.
    Thank you for all the help

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  • #2, by afrlmeMonday, 22. April 2019, 19:53 5 years ago
    Wouldn't an online poll/website be much faster & easier? Yeah VS has support for some web related features & sending/receiving information, but I don't have a clue how complicated it is as I've never tried using said features - let alone had a reason to use them.


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  • #3, by LupaShivaTuesday, 23. April 2019, 01:16 5 years ago
    Actually not sure, because im used to visionaire and i think there are some functionallities that would be hard to implement online.

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