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  • #1, by momo0gameThursday, 02. January 2014, 23:06 11 years ago
    Hallo Forengemeinde smile ,

    Ich hätte da mal eine Frage zu den Lizenzen. Da wir momentan ein Click n' Point Adventure planen, wollten wir uns mit Visionaire Studio beschäftigen. Wir haben uns für Lizenztyp 2 entschieden. Wir haben zwar nicht vor unsere Spiele zu verkaufen, aber man weiß ja nie smile . In Lizenz 2 steht etwas von einer "Shareware Platform" was ist das? Und ist es möglich mit dieser Lizenz das Spiel auch auf Portalen wie Steam anuzubieten, oder gillt das schon als Publisher?

    Vielen Dank für eure Aufmerksamkeit


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 02. January 2014, 23:34 11 years ago
    license 2 allows you to sell an unlimited amount of titles (games) digitally, for up to a max value of €15 per sale. yeah you can sell your game on steam, gog etc.

    the Visionaire Studio limited license only really dictates how much you are allowed to retail your games for & not where or how you sell them.

    the commercial licenses are per title (single game) & are pretty much the same as the limited license option apart from the fact that you are free to distribute your title (game) as you see fit; digitally online, physical good etc for whatever price you like.

    mp3 license is not included in the VS licenses, so if you use .mp3 audio format & certain video formats etc then you will need to purchase the required licenses from wherever it is that they need to be purchased from. however you don't need to acquire license for your audio files if you use .ogg (vorbis) format or for your videos if you use .mkv (matroska) format with the VP8 codec as both are open source media formats.

    hope my reply helped?

    P.S: I don't speak much German, hence my reply in English.
    P.P.S: welcome to the VS community wink


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  • #3, by afrlmeFriday, 03. January 2014, 13:42 11 years ago

    license 2 is classed as limited license because you are only allowed to sell your games (unlimited titles) for up to €15 per sale or the equivalent of €15 in any other currency.

    although you could technically sell your game via limited license as a physical good, you probably wouldn't get much profit after tax, shipping, store cut, packaging costs etc.

    see my previous post:

    the Visionaire Studio limited license only really dictates how much you are allowed to retail your games for & not where or how you sell them.

    the commercial license (license 3) which is currently set at the very high price of (€1000) & is per title (single game) has no restrictions whatsoever by allowing you to sell & distribute the game entirely as you see fit.

    P.S: I know it doesn't state in any of the license options about digital or physical distribution but I'm hoping to get that & some new license options added at some point besides the current licenses.

    License 2 is a good license option to choose for individuals/small development teams who aren't too bothered about selling their games at commercial game prices as you get to release unlimited amount of games under it & you also get all updates for Visionaire Studio between v3.0 - 3.9 for free.

    P.P.S: just ignore the digital/physical bit for now smile


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  • #4, by afrlmeFriday, 03. January 2014, 14:44 11 years ago
    I have actually written several mock license model plans for 4.0 but not sure on what Alex & rest of Visionaire Studio team want to do yet & hmm I can't seem to find my mock-up plans on the new wiki.

    essentially they involved:

    freeware license but with ability to export/build non-profit games or for educational purposes in schools/universities etc because I thought it would be a nice way of advertising & getting more people to learn of the existence of Visionaire Studio.

    limited license same as current version but at a slightly higher price as I think €35 for unlimited titles & all updates between anniversary updates (3.0 to 3.9 | 4.0 to 4.9 etc) is a bit on the cheap side & quite a few people have mentioned that they would be willing to pay double or triple the current price. So possibly that with half price fee for anyone upgrading from v3.x & making it digital distribution only. Personally I would like to set the max retail at €10 per sale but I doubt it would happen.

    As for the commercial licenses I want to make them platform & budget based. something like this:

    * budget of less than €25k > commercial basic license (per platform, per title)
    ** initial platform @ €150, additional platforms at €75 each; option of x % off of initial platform fee for existing customers.

    then the other license will be more than x & less than y & the larger the budget the better the perks you get such as support from the VS devs via skype, email or ability to request simple features/builds/debug etc.

    the page I created went into a lot of detail compared to this quick reply but I think overall it was a nice license model plan which tailored to both VS team & to the users of VS as it was a lot more price & user friendly to indie developers & individuals too while still keeping the price high enough for larger commercial developers/publishers.


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  • #5, by afrlmeFriday, 03. January 2014, 15:23 11 years ago
    that's the thing though isn't it... the budget is essentially how much you have to make the game or the overall cost of the game... take for instance: if someone was to get funding on kickstarter then your budget would be whatever you have left after kickstarter/amazon fees, tax & pledge prize & shipping fees of which you could provide some kind of documentation/itinerary or something.

    anyway it's all irrelevant as I've been told that the licenses are staying as they currently are which as far as I'm concerned is like cutting off your own foot or potentially something along the lines of CMOT (cutting my own throat) Dibbler in the Discworld novels/games.

    the current licenses are just not friendly to people (indie teams or individuals) who don't have massive amounts of paper (money) laying around, collecting dust. Having said that the limited license is a great deal for everyone else considering the ridiculously low price of it but some commercial licenses at prices people can afford would be nice.


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  • #6, by AlexFriday, 03. January 2014, 18:35 11 years ago
    the licenses will not be staying the same. At least not for Visionaire 4.x - but nothing has been planned yet since we first need to finish the release.

    As for now you'll usually be fine with License 2 for Visionaire 3.x - you can also sell your game on platforms like Steam.

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  • #7, by afrlmeFriday, 03. January 2014, 19:30 11 years ago
    the licenses will not be staying the same. At least not for Visionaire 4.x - but nothing has been planned yet since we first need to finish the release

    ah yeah sorry crossed wires... mis-information or misunderstood information.


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