Forum issue: Search non-functional with multiple search terms.

  • #1, by Raven SingularitySaturday, 15. April 2017, 00:23 7 years ago
    After logging into the forum, I tried using the Search feature, but it appears to be mostly non-useful.  If more than one search term is entered, it won't find any results.

    Search I tried was:

       to animation

    No results.  Not even a text message stating that there were no results, just an empty page.

    Searching for "to" finds many results.
    Searching for "animation" finds many results.

    I tried with various other word combos and determined the Search box is also non-functional for exact phrases, such as:

       using animation

    This exact phrase appears in forum search results for "animation", so it certainly should find "using animation".  It also doesn't search for exact phrases when they are put inside double quotes, such as:

       "using animation"


    Why is the Forum Search feature unable to handle multiple search terms?

    This seems like a really major usability issue.


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  • #2, by F_KalSaturday, 15. April 2017, 00:38 7 years ago
    Hi @RavenSingularity! Personally I just search everything through google - writing queries like "visionaire studio to animation". (notice that short keywords such as "to" are being omitted by most search engines) 

    Not to downplay the importance of good search functionality inside the forum - but most of the time there are limitations...

    hope it helps! :-)

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  • #3, by Raven SingularitySaturday, 15. April 2017, 01:20 7 years ago
    It appears to be a functional search box, but not being able to search for multiple words together means the search is mostly non-functional.

    The web site programming should be updated so it functions, or else replace the search box with a custom one from Google, or another search provider.

    Needing to go to Google and typing in "Visionaire Studio search terms here" every time is painfully inefficient.  The entire point of a web site having a built-in Search function is to save time and energy.

    If the Search box is coded in PHP, feel free to paste me the current code and I'll patch it to support multiple search terms.


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  • #4, by afrlmeSaturday, 15. April 2017, 01:46 7 years ago
    Search feature is something Thomas, Calli or whoever is supposed to be working on the forum CMS hasn't fixed yet. It's been on-going for a while. I've been resorting to typing things into google as well. roll


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