forum bug?

  • #1, by NigecThursday, 28. June 2018, 16:26 6 years ago
    I've noticed if you click on the 7th page button on EricMatyas image library thread you are taken to a blank page

    So from the general page find EricMatyas's images libary topic (music is ok) and click the page index button which is 7 or the last page button ">" will do the same

    This is Windows 10 and Firefox

    Maybe its had spam at some point and now its screwed up

    Also the blog shows the wrong number of comments on peoples topics

    Sorry but I'm bored! but if people don't report stuff no one will fix it! :p

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  • #2, by MachtnixFriday, 29. June 2018, 00:03 6 years ago
    The same with Windows 7  and Firefox / Opera. Starting the 6th page, there isn't a button to go to page 7.

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  • #3, by NigecThursday, 05. July 2018, 16:59 6 years ago
    Eric's othe thread is doing it as well, 14 or > goes to a empty page

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