Forced quitting.

  • #1, by berntsundeThursday, 31. March 2016, 07:42 8 years ago
    Hey, I downloaded the Visionaire FREE version, to make myself familiar with it, I discussed buying it this morning with my wife after she come home from work (We are in China, my VISA don't work online from here.)

    (I am using an older computer, but according to the specs of the Win 7 HP laptop PC and Visionaire spec requirement, it should work.. I know HP pc's are generally sh*t, but I don't have a good laptop, so I borrowed one for travel.)

    However, after playing around with the program, when I changes the window views, say from character to scene or item etc, the program suddenly quit, shuts down, with no error message visible. I scare buying the program today, since the free version does this.

    So the question is: Should I wait until I come back home to Norway and try the program on my home PC?
    Is big and powerful i7 quad core. Or is there something other that can make the program quit like this when checking the different menu options? It seems stable if i dont do much...

    Can someone from the software company send me a PM if needed, I want to buy the program, sooner rather than later.
    Is why I signed up here on forum, because I want to use it for work.

    Best regards,


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 31. March 2016, 11:44 8 years ago
    There's one place that often causes the editor to crash & that's the way system tab & in particular the action area tab found inside of the way system tab under scenes. The issue is probably WxWidgets (it's unstable, but luckily the devs are working on removing that & implementing a custom made gui) related or it could be a memory leak issue (known to happen on certain machines - mostly ones with nvidia cards I believe).

    Anyway... does it just quit instantly or does it pop up a box with an error message of some kind & a report to devs button or something along those lines? I forget what it looks like as I've not see it in a long time.

    If not then can you go into the options menu...
    extras > options > player & set the log level option to "info"

    Then run your game (F9) & then press the TAB key to open up the dev console & type: exec print( localAppDir ) & press enter / return to submit it, then type: print log & again press enter / return to submit it & it will show you all the log messages generated by the engine since you launched your game. Now what you want to do is locate a line (you can use the page up / down keys on your keyboard to change pages in the log) that looks something along the lines of c:/users/.... Take a note of this as it's where the log files & save games for your game are being stored.

    Now press TAB to close the developer console & try to replicate what caused it to crash & if successful browse to the location you jotted down earlier & check the messages (dot) txt or log file & see what it says.

    P.S: VS should run on most machines without too much issue.


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  • #3, by berntsundeSaturday, 02. April 2016, 08:49 8 years ago
    Hey, thank you so much, I will try this out, just see your reply this morning, I am on my way out to have dinner with wife and in-laws, but I will check this out later tonight or tomorrow. Very happy for your reply, I will give it my best shot smile


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