FMOD integration?

  • #1, by fredstoyvaTuesday, 10. May 2016, 11:44 8 years ago
    Hi everyone!

    While I love Visionaire, the audio capabilities are a bit limited for my taste. Is it possible in any way to integrate audio middleware like FMOD?



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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 10. May 2016, 14:39 8 years ago
    Technically yes, but only the devs would be able to implement it into the engine itself. The devs actually looked into lots of audio possibilities the other year, including FMOD. I like the look of FMOD myself as I am quite familiar with music production DAWs (Reason & Studio One). Implementation isn't the issue, it's more the cost of FMOD as the licenses are ridiculously expensive - was around $10k or something the last time I checked.

    Hopefully the devs will be able to provide a more robust sound engine at some point in the future or at least be able to expand on the current openAL one with some effect modules, such as reverb, delay, distortion, echo & a filter. I'd be content enough with just those effects if they can be tweaked during runtime.


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  • #3, by fredstoyvaTuesday, 10. May 2016, 15:07 8 years ago
    Thanks for your reply!

    A license is free as long as your project is non-commercial or an indie title with a budget of less than $100k. I was going for that, like I would have done for Unity or Unreal 4, but if for Visionaire only the devs can do it, I guess the licensing would be quite costly.

    Effect modules would be great, though the reason I'm looking to FMOD is primarily for the opportunity to have dynamic music smile

    I tried to mimic having several channels using action events, using pause events and checking if conditions had changed when the pause was finished, etc, but it always came out of synch. The solution that works the best so far is to change the background music at various intervals, and hope the seams are not too obvious. Not perfect, but at least it's dynamic in terms of time if not in content.


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  • #4, by SimonSTuesday, 10. May 2016, 15:41 8 years ago
    These audio engine (FMOD, Wwise) are incredibly expensive for such a small engine like us. Unity can afford it. We also can't go the way of making a plugin environment for it, because of our crossplatform architecture. But I'm planning in the future to enable much more with our engine, considering dynamic music, events and atmospheres with parameters. And as always it will take it's time.

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  • #5, by sebastianTuesday, 10. May 2016, 16:40 8 years ago
    Is fading in/out music tracks possible yet (maybe more tracks at a time)?

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  • #6, by fredstoyvaTuesday, 10. May 2016, 17:19 8 years ago
    Thanks for your answer! I understand now, and I feel bad for asking about it... Looking forward to new features!

    One last question, though:

    Is there a way to remove the automatic fade-in when changing the background music? It ruins the illusion of continuous (somewhat dynamic) music when suddenly the volume dips.

    I tried to use audio events, but for some reason they got cut off when I changed menus. Ah well, perhaps I could add the logos to the main menu and have them only display when you start the game, thus keeping it all in one menu.

    EDIT: forgot to be courteous.


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