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  • #1, by frederikk-Thursday, 23. February 2017, 22:16 7 years ago

    I have got a problem with a flickering cursor when my character is standing in front of an object.

    I made my game like this: Cursor enters an object area -> Cursor switches to "look at" curor. Leaves Area -> back to Standard Cursor.

    This works fine in the first room but from the second room onward as soon as the character "hides" the object the cursor flickers back and forth from "look at" to standard and back on "look at" ... repeat until world goes down.

    My wish would be that it behaves like the character would not be there so I get the "look at pencil" when I point at the pencil behind the character.

    Thanks in advance smile


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 23. February 2017, 22:34 7 years ago
    It sounds like you have set the command to be able to interact with both objects & characters with interact with "own character"option ticked. If you don't need to interact with the playable character then untick that box & the cursor should ignore the playable character.


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  • #3, by frederikk-Thursday, 23. February 2017, 22:43 7 years ago
    That was it!

    More detailed: It was the tick that alowes to use an action on the OWN character. And since all objects had y middle at -1 the Computer could not decide....

    Thank you very much AFRLme!


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