Five special powers, but how can I program it?

  • #1, by smac96Saturday, 30. April 2016, 17:22 8 years ago
    Hi guys,

    I have a question about programmation that is too complicated to manage for my knowledge and maybe some of you can help me :-)

    The situation:

    The character of my game has 5 special powers that he can use.

    But... at the beginning he can use only 1 of the 5 powers at the time.

    Then during the game... he will be allowed to use 2 powers simultaneously, then 3 powers simultaneously, then 4 powers simultaneously and at the end 5 powers simultaneously.

    For the moment I only created a value called:

    (initial value: 1)

    and 5 variables, one each power, called:


    (initial values: FALSE. Then when I select the different powers, the value of the selected power turns to TRUE)

    How can i program it? (if it's possible without LUA)

    Thank you in advance for your help!!!


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  • #2, by brut69Saturday, 30. April 2016, 17:54 8 years ago
    Yes , very easily by changing the conditions set for each power.

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  • #3, by sebastianSaturday, 30. April 2016, 18:04 8 years ago
    You could make each power as a command in your interface. Setting the command to a, b, c, d, e is only allowed when the condition is true

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