Filetypes are not appearing while choosing a file

  • #1, by george-stobbartFriday, 05. June 2020, 18:33 4 years ago
    Hi there,

    I figured out this problem, is it related to Windows10? A few days ago I was using W7 and this did not happen...

    see screenhsot

    Best regards,


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  • #2, by gregor-schweitzerWednesday, 10. June 2020, 09:18 4 years ago
    Hi George Stobbart,

    Since you the only one beeing active here lately maybe you will respond.
    Nice effort btw you  put into getting rid of some of the latest engine failures.

    Did you recognize the lot of spaming that is going on in this panel i.e. this Mr. jack-william-27256 who "responded" to your thread? 

    Yesterday I posted a new thread in the general section. I havent't got any response so far. Instead I recognised another "member" (ruby sen) posting some shit on Escort services. Is this normal around here?


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  • #3, by esmeraldaWednesday, 10. June 2020, 11:06 4 years ago
    the forum isn't very active anymore. I recommend joining the discord server for a faster responding time.

    Regarding the spammers - there are spam-attacks from time to time. Hard to get rid of them I guess...

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  • #4, by afrlmeWednesday, 10. June 2020, 11:52 4 years ago
    This forum is always getting randomly spammed, & sometimes even mass spammed. The anti-spam system doesn't seem to be preventing them from posting, but there's nothing I can do about that. We do - or at least I do - get rid of them as soon as we see them, but some do slip through the cracks. At least getting rid of them is easy because if I delete a user it deletes all of their created topics/posts along with them.

    In regards to your post, you would need to talk to Simon about that as he's the current lead developer of the engine.

    & as Esmeralda said, you would be better off joining the discord server where everyone is a lot more active, & so far, there's been no spamming going on either. smile


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  • #5, by MachtnixWednesday, 10. June 2020, 15:23 4 years ago
    I can't really help, but it's better to avoid (vermeiden) space, ä, ö, ü or ß in file names. May be they can't be find. Also name your folders, characters, objects and variables with only English letters. As a German I can't use German words in folders or objects... it's like internet 20 years ago... smile

    There are only a few programmers (I think three?)  who created Visionaire. It's a lot of work to do...

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