Feature request: Text Object

  • #1, by PykeMonday, 02. June 2014, 18:42 10 years ago
    Hey guys. I'm absolutely in love with RC 4.0!

    I do have a feature request that I think will certainly help a lot of people.

    When it comes to translating Adventure Games there is a lot more to consider other than text in the game. Many background graphics (newspaper articles, road signs, computer screens, etc) are also needed to be translated.
    While it is possible to do this with additional frames of animation, that can quickly get rather messy, and also limits things like 'FAN TRANSLATIONS' where we can allow people access to the script and let them translate the game to a specific language.

    I would love an option to add in a 'TEXT OBJECT' to the game where we can actually place TEXT in the editor. This text would have the same properties as all other text in the game (choosing a font, set to different languages, etc), but could be placed in the engine editor itself instead of 'guessing' where it would be and using the 'display text' option.

    I know that there are other considerations, such as different lengths for different languages, but that stuff has to be taken into account anyway with the 'graphics' way of going things.


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