Fatal error when trying to run a HTML5 build

  • #1, by matej-zapuekWednesday, 01. June, 11:33 3 weeks ago

    I have created the project as HTML5 version game (Build game - HTML5 option). But when I try to run it (when I open the index.html file), it only shows the error window: FATAL ERROR, undefined, undefined:undefined. I have tried it with two completely different projects and get the same error. I have opened ti with different web browsers but it is still the same.

    When I build it as a windows game it works perfectly. 

    Has anyone had similar problems? Any idea what can be wrong?


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  • #2, by SimonSWednesday, 01. June, 12:27 3 weeks ago
    Hi, it cannot be run via opening the index.html, you need to use a server. 

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