EXPLORERS - Interactive app for table card game

  • #1, by gabartsTuesday, 25. February 2020, 18:48 4 years ago
    I've assembled a little interactive casino app for a printed table card game I've designed.
    It's for private use, since it contains graphic taken from the web. The card game and app are in italian language, if anyone is interested I can send the link for printing your own card set and for the application.

    I've designed and programmed in 3 days, it's a very quick table card game for five players which must complete their sets of cards and gain treasures to win the game smile

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  • #2, by elwanWednesday, 26. February 2020, 11:46 4 years ago
    I'm a beginner with Visionaire Studio.
    I just learned the basics of the application by looking at the very good  tutorials from Andi Liddel based on his game Fantasy Quest, and I managed to build a small game working on Windows and Android.

    My next challenge is to try do build some simple interactives games, so I'm very much interested to get source codes of existing games because it's for me the best way to learn.

    I know nothing in Lua but know different programing languages.

    Thanks in advance for helping a beginner...


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