Excluding Unused Assets?

  • #1, by ygmantellFriday, 21. July 2017, 18:28 4 years ago
    So quick question:
    In my game folder, I have lots of Photoshop documents for all of the art in my game, and a few other files that arent used directly in the game project, but are used in the creation of the game. 
     When making a build of the game, are these excluded?
    Or, are they included in the packaging, but just not used?

    Obviously I want to make my game size as small as possible.

    (And, if it doesnt already, excluding unused assets would make a great feature... smile )

    Thank you!

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  • #2, by afrlmeFriday, 21. July 2017, 18:56 4 years ago
    It only converts & exports linked asset files when you compile your game. wink


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  • #3, by ygmantellFriday, 21. July 2017, 19:01 4 years ago
    Okay, thanks!

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