Escaping cutscenes on a mobile device

  • #1, by dionousSunday, 16. July 2017, 21:44 7 years ago
    Hello all,

    For desktop, ESC escapes cutscenes ok. What about mobile devices? I think we need a way to define another combination e.g. double click.

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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 16. July 2017, 22:00 7 years ago
    I believe mobile gesture support was added a while back, don't ask me how it works though as I haven't a bloody clue. Anyway, if you can figure out or Simon posts an example, then you could probably use the create event function he added back in 4.x to trigger ESC or maybe you could assign that to double click maybe?


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  • #3, by dionousSunday, 16. July 2017, 23:18 7 years ago
    Yeah, unfortunately there isn't the slightest info abt this functionality, let's see if Simon can give some clue. Thanks!

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  • #4, by SimonSThursday, 27. July 2017, 02:03 7 years ago
    Only possible with lua. You can get the events with a mouse event handler and then create a escape event.

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