ERROR(tiny) in Visionaire Studio 4.1

  • #1, by blink3dSaturday, 11. April 2015, 07:30 10 years ago
    In Characters>("Your character")>Dialog area

    there seems to be one small words mix-up problem.
    When you are under "Preview" tab, if you enable/disable all listed options you will notice.

    When you enable "Scroll arrow down (inactive)" it gives the preview of "Scroll arrow up (inactive)"
    and if you enable "Scroll arrow up (inactive)" it gives the preview of "Scroll arrow down (inactive)"

    rest seems fine.

    check the attached images for detailed look.

    Well, it's not a big deal, but i was shit confused in the beginning when i was working with it. After couple of tries i came to know that it doesn't affect the arrow positions in-game. Its just the preview section.

    So yeah.
    Just wanted to inform.
    Ta ta.


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