Engine minimum spec?

  • #1, by daniel-lowesSunday, 08. March 2020, 12:18 4 years ago
    Hey guys! I'm wondering what the minimum spec is for games build with VS 5? I can find the min spec for the studio itself, but not the games made with it. This is for a pretty standard game without excessive graphics or anything.


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  • #2, by afrlmeSunday, 08. March 2020, 13:17 4 years ago
    Because the specs vary depending on the game you make. Is it low resolution? Is it full hd? Is it 4K? Is it animation heavy? Do you use a lot of particles/shaders? Did you use png or webp for the images/animations? etc. etc.

    All of the things I mentioned above & more will determine what the min/recommended specs are to run a game made with Visionaire Studio. In general though, min specs for a decent experience would probably be at least a dual core cpu, with at least 4GB RAM, & 1GB dedicated VRAM, for 1080p - though higher is always better.

    Something you should consider doing is finding people who have vastly different specs, when you get around to asking people to test out your game & give you feedback.

    Quick tip #1: good optimization will allow your game to run on weaker machines.


    Quick tip #2: I highly recommend using webp from the beginning as the file sizes are much smaller than png, while being the same quality if you use lossless quality or lossy 100% (the latter being a lot smaller), as the smaller file sizes mean less HDD space will be required for your game & animations/images will be loaded much faster - however they will still require the same amount of VRAM to run.


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