Drag'n'drop items

  • #1, by zurikTuesday, 05. March 2019, 18:44 5 years ago
    Hi, I have a strange issue. I am doing everything like the tutorials show, but when I drag an item with Use command on an objecton the scene the character walks to the object position, but the actions don't start. BUT when I check off "Always dragging...." check box in the Options, everything works, but without the item being dragged.  What am I doing wrong?


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 06. March 2019, 02:06 5 years ago
    If you are using the drag & drop item system, then you need to use "item dropped" execution action & not command + item execution action.

    Executed command/execute command + item (at destination/immediately) is for manually set items & not dragged items. Dragged items will automatically set the mouse cursor as the item sprite/animation, whereas as manually set items will retain the current command & set x item as the currently held item, but will not change the cursor - it has to be done manually with the set cursor action part.


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