Double Click to Skip Dialogue or turn off skipping alltogether

  • #1, by GregThursday, 29. January 2015, 20:55 9 years ago
    Hey gang just wondering if there is an option to change the way text skipping is handled. Right now if I accidentally click on the mouse it skips through some parts of the dialogue since its set to a single click by default, is there a way to change that to a double click or remove skipping to see how that would feel for test purposes?

    PS": The -always allow to skip active text- is set to unchecked in the main options but I'm still able to skip text.

    Thanks ahead of time.


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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 29. January 2015, 21:32 9 years ago
    If you have that option unchecked & wrap the text in begin/end cutscene or hide/show cursor action parts then it will prevent skipping of text.


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