Does Visionaire Studio support drawing tools to create images and characters?..

  • #1, by ArtchieMTuesday, 12. August 2014, 01:31 10 years ago
    Hi there, I am very new to creating adventure games and know almost nothing about it, except of creating the game without programming and it is on 2D, and as for myself I do really have a very good drawing skills which I can use them to create images and characters so as for the game, but my question is: do I really need to make all my drawings in the special animation software tool, or do I have to chose an objects from Visionaire and modify them inside (if this option is actually exist..)?
    Thanks for all of your support!


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 12. August 2014, 02:08 10 years ago
    You need to make your graphics & animations in your favorite graphic apps (photoshop, illustrator, gimp, cinema4d, blender etc) & export each animation frame as a .png file with transparent background to import into Visionaire Studio.

    We also have support for 3D character models too, but it's relatively new & still in beta at the minute.

    You could also use 2d animation tools such as Spriter, Spine or Anime Studio Pro etc to animate your characters &/or environment animations.

    Basically your game is made up of images & animations that are layered on different z-indexes & beside that your game is then brought to life via the action parts available in the Visionaire Studio editor, or with a combination of action parts & lua script. You are not required to learn lua script to use Visionaire Studio mind, but it is recommended because it allows you to enhance your game much further than what is possible with the action parts alone.

    I'm not 100% sure what you were asking, but... You can adjust your animations inside of Visionaire Studio to a point. You can add/remove/rearrange animation frames, apply different delay values between frames, apply sounds or actions to be triggered on specific frames etc.

    Hope this helps clear a few things up. smile


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