Do you remember Diaspora - Twin Saga? (Alias Onmind-Saga)

  • #1, by anna-arnoldTuesday, 27. July, 15:37 A month ago
    Hi, long time no heard. Does anyone even remember me? I made a really long break from my project and am looking forward in continuing (or rebooting) it now. Tomorrow evening I am going to show all programming bits I made until now on YouTube at 08:15 pm (German time) in a quite long Video, that is on German. After the premiere the video will still remain online.
    Anyway, I'll be online then and will be available for chatting. Here's the link:
    I would be pleased if anyone is interested in watching it. smile And of course: I hope I am welcome back in the Visionaire-Community.


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 28. July, 14:09 A month ago
    Why wouldn't you be welcomed back? There's people on here that have been drifting in & out for the past 10+ years.


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