Display Object Text / Show Animations - Hide them or let them be?

  • #1, by sebastianFriday, 10. March 2017, 18:12 7 years ago
    Hey there,

    i have a question to the dev team and how visionaire studio (the player) handles some of the following scenarios internally:

    Lets say i have two interfaces. I can access interface A via key press and access interface B via a button inside interface A which also disables Interface A because its not needed anymore. So either Interface A or B is shown at the same time.

    Each access to an interface also calls an action which is responsible for displaying object texts or play infinite animations inside this interface. 

    Do i NEED to hide/stop all texts/animations when switching to or leaving the other interface? Because when hiding an interface all child object(texts and animations) are also invisible. Because of this i think its not neccessary to hide them everytime. Showing the interface continues the experience where it left off.

    What i now need to know: Are these texts/animations still active and fill up memory or are they gone for that moment the interface gets hidden? Is it a good idea to hide all texts/animations when not needed manually, even when i hide the whole interface which contains them?

    I have no problems yet with NOT hiding all texts/animation manually, but im curious if there is any difference at all^^

    kind regards

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