Display interface over scene transitions?

  • #1, by novan-byworksMonday, 09. May, 20:52 2 weeks ago
    I have an inventory interface that I want displayed at all times during gameplay. It has "Show interface permanently" enabled, but it still disappears during scene transitions (i.e. "Shift right" fade effect).

    This almost seems like a bug. Is there a way to prevent this?


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 10. May, 00:01 2 weeks ago
    Unfortunately it will only remain visible if you use immediate option for showing/changing scenes as the scene transitions effect the whole screen. You could create custom scene transitions using interfaces or maybe via shaders, but those would require a bit of work & experimentation.

    As for the show interface permanently option, it's just to prevent the interface from being hidden automatically during any of the different type of cutscene events, which includes: begin/end cutscene wrappers, hide/show cursor wrappers, display/narration texts, & active dialog selection.

    Quick note: the fade effect can be done manually very easily via an interface & tweening the opacity for it via a to() function like so...

    execute a script:
    Interfaces["example"]:to(500, {Visibility = 100}) -- fade in

    pause for 1000ms
    execute a script:
    Interfaces["example"]:to(500, {Visibility = 0}) -- fade out

    or via the start color overlay action part - however I don't remember if that effects the entire screen or just the scene.


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