Disabling/enabling scene scrolling

  • #1, by MateuszTuesday, 23. January 2018, 03:37 3 years ago
    I was wondering - is there a way to completly disable scene scrolling ("scrolling of scene when cursor is at screen edge") for a moment and later re-enable it?


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  • #2, by afrlmeTuesday, 23. January 2018, 14:35 3 years ago
    You can enable/disable scene scroll with mouse cursor with a line of Lua script.
    Scenes["example"].SceneScrollOnEdges = true

    or a more global approach which will enable/disable it for the currently displayed scene...
    game.CurrentScene.SceneScrollOnEdges = true

    Replace true with false to disable scrolling.

    You can execute these lines of code inside of an execute a script action part.


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  • #3, by MateuszTuesday, 23. January 2018, 21:09 3 years ago
    Thank you, works like charm.


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