Direction dependent character animation

  • #1, by LebosteinWednesday, 04. February 2015, 21:42 9 years ago
    I have some character animations (for example a greeting animation) for the left and the right direction. If the character looks to the right, the right animation should played, if the character looks to the left, the left version of that animation should played (the same principle like the walk or the stand animations). If I could find out, what the direction of my character is, I could use an If/Then construct to play the corresponding animation. Or is there a solution for such direction dependent character animations beside walk, talk and stand?


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 04. February 2015, 22:32 9 years ago
    There's a query for the character direction in the condition, value, if section of the action parts. Since 4.1 you can check if character is in a specific range.

    Set compass & then type a value into the text input box & it should say something like: from x to y degree.

    It's also possible with Lua script.


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  • #3, by LebosteinThursday, 05. February 2015, 09:01 9 years ago
    Sounds perfect, but I don't find that. I have yesterday searched an hour without success... you mean the conditions of the character?

    What about a new global action part like: Set value to system value (means: copy system value to user value)
    1. you choose a self defined value
    2. you choose a system value from a predefined list

    a system value could be for example:
    - the x position of the current character
    - the y position of the current character
    - the direction of the current character
    - the scale value of the current character
    - the current frame number of the current character animation
    - the resolution of the screen
    - the ellapsed time you are in the room
    - the x-position of the mouse
    - the y-position of the mouse
    - the scroll position of the screen
    - and so on....

    So you can use all existent functions and conditions for normal values to evaluate system values.

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