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  • #1, by joemidWednesday, 17. June 2015, 23:06 9 years ago
    Hello all! Here is a teaser for a small game that I am currently working within the wonderful Visionaire engine. There is still much production to go, and optimization after that, but this is a result of only about a month of serious work- a fact that constantly amazes me! Over the past three years, I have learned so much from these forums and receive daily inspiration from all the problems and solutions that can be found here. So, in a word, THANKS!

    I am trying to embed a vimeo link. If that doesn't work, I will youtube.

    Questions or comments are much appreciated and if you like it- check out the evolution on Facebook. I will also update here as I am able!

    Thanks again,

    edit: here is a vimeo link!


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  • #2, by MachtnixThursday, 18. June 2015, 00:07 9 years ago
    Uih... 84 MB für einen 3-Minuten-Film... Das Thema finde ich witzig, ich hoffe, das Spiel ist es auch, ich schaue es mir nächsten Monat an.

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  • #3, by joemidThursday, 18. June 2015, 05:53 9 years ago
    Thanks Machtnix. Yeah, Vimeo is definitely a hog. Then again, I'm still a fan of H.264, so, the problem might be on my end! Do you have any suggestions for a more efficient way to display the teaser?

    Also, I'm happy that you see the humor.smile


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