Diaspora - Twin Saga - Neues Video

  • #1, by anna-arnoldWednesday, 01. November 2017, 06:37 6 years ago
    Hallo smile Momentan treibe ich mich leider nicht mehr so viel bei euch rum, wollte aber trotzdem mal eine Notiz hinterlassen, dass es ein Neues Video zu unserem Spiel gibt.
    Diesmal wird mehr geredet und weniger gespoilert wink


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  • #2, by denis-Thursday, 02. November 2017, 20:50 6 years ago
    Well. ..Nice the video and games...But a little bit difficult to understand without any  subtitle he he!
    Good work! 


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  • #3, by caligarimarteFriday, 03. November 2017, 00:11 6 years ago
    Well. ..Nice the video and games...But a little bit difficult to understand without any  subtitle he he!
    Interestingly enough, I showed one of the older Videos to a british Friend of mine and to my Surprize he mentioned that it had english Subtitles. I checked some of her other Videos and they have no english Subtitles, but this one does, so if you haven't yet seen it, this might possibly be of Interest:


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  • #4, by anna-arnoldFriday, 03. November 2017, 08:26 6 years ago
    You're right; I should do subtitles! The game will be on English (and hopefully also in Russian), too. When I've added subtitles, I'll tell you. grin
    I just said that It will be our first game and we're still practicing programming, painting, animation and storytelling. That means, even if we do our best there probably will be things that will make the game expierence "Not perfectly round", to tell it with my words.
    I hope to release the first Episode July, August, September, October next year. And even if we don't talk often about the game, we're working on it. In the new Video we didn't show too much because we don't want to spoil. It's sure a progress to the Video that Caligarimarte posted.

    Thank you for your interest. smile


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  • #5, by ke4Friday, 03. November 2017, 10:01 6 years ago
    Yes English subs would be nice. I don't understand a word in Germany grin

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  • #6, by rosina-m-Saturday, 04. November 2017, 15:56 6 years ago
    Sieht toll aus, ich drücke euch die Daumen dass ihr weiter gut vorankommt. 


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