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  • #1, by ygmantellThursday, 01. October 2015, 17:57 6 years ago
    When Making dialog arrows, how do I select what part of the image is clickable?
    If I make just a small image with just the arrow, then it is too small to move into position. For some reason I can not zoom in then scroll to where I want. So Should I just make the image so that is the size of the whole resolution, and just have the arrow where on the screen I want it, so when I put it into Vis, it falls into place exactly? If I do that, I need to select the clickable area, which I dont know how to do.

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  • #2, by afrlmeThursday, 01. October 2015, 18:14 6 years ago
    Are you talking about the viewport for the dialog tab? I'm not sure why it doesn't have scrollbars, but you can drag the position of the viewport around by holding down middle button of your mouse or touchpad if you have one.


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  • #3, by LebosteinFriday, 02. October 2015, 11:02 6 years ago
    Please make the editor more consistent. I wondered too why the scene editor has scrollbars and other editors not....

    And give us options, if we have no middle mouse button (Mac for example!)

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  • #4, by afrlmeFriday, 02. October 2015, 12:46 6 years ago
    I have no idea why it doesn't have scrollbars nor why there is not a keyboard shortcut similar to adobe products (hand tool). I'm using a laptop myself which doesn't have a middle button or mouse wheel.

    I have a usb gaming mouse that I use for the mac (as I currently don't have an official mac magic pad or mouse). However I don't really like mice, so I ended up configuring my touchpad (windows) so that the right button is the middle button, 3 finger tap gesture on the touchpad is right click & single finger slide up / down the right hand side of the touchpad is the mouse wheel. Sorted.

    P.S: the editor needs to be more dynamic in general as certain parts of the editor are not easily accessible unless you are viewing it on a 1080p plus screen. So where things get hidden due to the editor window not being big enough or section of the editor has been resized too small, scrollbars should automatically appear as needed.


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  • #5, by tristan-kangFriday, 02. October 2015, 13:40 6 years ago
    Editor should be more flexible. Like I can copy and paste more than one stuff in editor. Yes, it means I can select more than one thing at the same time. Even moving multiple objects (selections) is not possible yet. I hope I just select many things by just dragging mouse and move to another.

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