Description field for values and conditions

  • #1, by LebosteinSaturday, 28. February 2015, 19:09 6 years ago
    In most cases the name of a value or condition is not enough to describe, what is the function of the value or condition in detail. In my case one week without working on my project is enough to forget, why I had added the variable or what the condition xy does. I wish a small description text field in that I can write a little description (like a comment) for every condition or variable.

    This could be useful for team working too.

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  • #2, by afrlmeSaturday, 28. February 2015, 22:12 6 years ago
    This has actually been asked for quite a lot. I don't know whether or not the dev team will decide to add it, or get round to it, at some point, as it would be a nice feature; especially for people with short memories! wink


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  • #3, by LebosteinMonday, 02. March 2015, 07:26 6 years ago
    I use often values to save the state for a quest, for example "state_treasure_quest"

    It would very helpful to write a description like that:

    "Saves the state of the treasure quest:
    0 = You know nothing about a treasure
    1 = You know about the treasure
    2 = You know where the treasure is located
    3= You have found the treasure"

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