Cursor disappears

  • #1, by tangerinedogWednesday, 15. April 2020, 01:51 4 years ago
    At first, my cursor works fine and when I enter an object area with it, it's still visible.

    After using the 'Set Cursor'-command, the cursor is still visible and shows correctly, but when I enter an object area with it, it becomes invisible 'til it leaves the object area again.

    What am I doing wrong? roll


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  • #2, by afrlmeWednesday, 15. April 2020, 04:20 4 years ago
    Cursors require both an active & inactive animation, so it's likely that the cursor you have specified only contains an inactive animation, or you set the animation center incorrect for the active cursor animation & it's ending up being offset somewhere off the screen.


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