• #1, by RuccileinThursday, 26. February 2015, 22:26 9 years ago
    I bought the programm 3 days ago and started working on my own adventure right away. I'm having a few problems, but the main problem is that the cursor doesn't show up in the preview of the game no matter what I do...
    What am I doing wrong?


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  • #2, by FozzieFriday, 27. February 2015, 14:51 9 years ago
    Hi Ruccilein,
    hast Du die Bilder für den Cursor auch bei 'aktiver Cursor' und 'inaktiver Cursor' angelegt?


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  • #3, by unrealSaturday, 28. February 2015, 13:27 9 years ago
    Look at this tutorial, and you're good to go. smile


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