Create a timer for 30 secs

  • #1, by AndresWednesday, 01. July 2020, 08:26 A year ago
    I want to stay in a scene for 30 seconds and then change it to a different scene.
    Is there a command to do this? (pause command is not exactly what I want... I want to interact in the room, but when the 30 seconds are over... then change the room)

    Is this possible?

    Thanks a lot smile


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  • #2, by esmeraldaWednesday, 01. July 2020, 09:22 A year ago
    I guess you would have to use lua for this.
    Here is an example from the wiki:

    Edit: thinking about it - it should be possible with action parts. 
    Action Beginning of the scene
    if value < 30 then
    pause 1000ms
    value +1
    jump to action part #1
    change scene
    end if

    Great Poster

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  • #3, by AndresSaturday, 04. July 2020, 05:10 A year ago
    Thanks a lot!! IT WORKS!!!


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