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  • #1, by TymorTuesday, 20. September 2016, 12:04 8 years ago
    I am working on an adventure game and currently I am trying to figure out a good way for the main protagonist to confront the main bad guy of the game. I do not want to have the confrontation confined to a single room or puzzle, rather I would like it to take place over a large area. I guess what I am going for is something similar to the ending of Lechucks Revenge, with Lechuck chasing Guybrush in the catacombs. Would something like that be possible to do with visionaire studios? If so, would it take a lot of scripting? Are there any tutorials detailing something similiar I can use? I consider myself pretty good at visionaire by now but to be honest I am at a loss about how to proceed...


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  • #2, by sebastianTuesday, 20. September 2016, 12:15 8 years ago
    its totally doable with visionaire. even without lua script it would be possible to replicate the mobkeyisland 2 or 3 "battle".

    As a suggestion for your game:

    1. character has to go through several rooms and build a contraption while he is hunted by the boss

    2. character has to solve some puzzles to activate some kind of defeat mechanism in the room(s)

    3. character has to fight the boss oldschool and needs to use specific skills or "magic" to the boss. hiwever the key to win is to use the skill/magic on an object in the room to win

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  • #3, by afrlmeTuesday, 20. September 2016, 12:43 8 years ago
    I think the monkey 2 & 3 fights were basically down to timing. Once you entered a room a timer was started (in this case, you would create a pause action part) inside of an at begin of scene action for each relevant scene, then you would add the actions to have the boss teleport into the scene or offset behind the doorway if you extended the scene past the actual scene background so you can have the boss guy walk into the scene, then you would wait until he's finished walking in & then add whatever other actions you needed it to perform. Rinse & repeat for each relevant scene.


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  • #4, by TymorTuesday, 20. September 2016, 14:03 8 years ago
    Yeah I totally get how it works behind the scenes but had trouble visualizing it. Thanks for the suggestions guys, now at least I know where to start!


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  • #5, by darren-beckettMonday, 03. October 2016, 17:13 8 years ago
    Characters in my game can chase/follow each other across multiple scenes.
    To implement this, I have a script that watches for any scene changes between the chase characters, if the scenes are different, it updates the chasing character to the new scene/location. It works great.

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