Combined Conditions Issues on 5RC2

  • #1, by dionousWednesday, 16. August 2017, 12:20 7 years ago
    Hi all,

    Noted the following issues with the combined conditions:

    1. When selecting a condition from the dialog pop up to add it to the combined field, dialog pop up closes (this is ok), but the combined condition pop-up closes also, you need to reopen it again every time to add a new condition.

    2. When you delete a condition from the combined field, always the last entry is removed, regardless which one you have selected.

    3. When you add a combined condition, then delete some, then re-add some new, VS always remembers/adds the old ones instead of the new.

    It's easy to verify the above, but if you need more clarifications, i can try to provide some pics.

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  • #2, by ygmantellThursday, 17. August 2017, 16:14 7 years ago
    Noticed this too.  Its kinda really frustrating...

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  • #3, by SimonSSaturday, 19. August 2017, 00:07 7 years ago
    This is only a display issue, will fix it in an update.

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