Colomn width issue (MAC)

  • #1, by unrealMonday, 18. August 2014, 15:04 10 years ago
    Hello everyone,

    I've found an little annoying issue about the editor (Vis 4.01 MAC), the width of element's name of every colomn is 'stuck' at 60 pixels (I've mesured it), and it cannot be enlarged. This means that when you want to see a name, you have to rename it, it's kind of slow way to work.

    Some other problems/ideas :

    - The option window is cropped, it can be resized larger but could be 600*500 by default.
    - I can't open a project directly from the Finder, I have to open visionaire and choose 'Load existing game' or 'Load recently opened game'
    - I can't open two projects at the same time which could be useful when copying code from a project to another one for exemple.
    - The window size of Visionaire is always fullscreen at launch, it could memorise the last size/position.
    - It'd be cool to be able to select multiple item of a colomn for exemple to copy & paste multiple lines at the same time.

    Hope it will help for the futur updates !


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